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This Page is newly built by Clausewitz Society of Japan. We hope this page will be utilized by so many people of every nation .

About the Clausewitz Society of Japan

Our Clausewitz Society of Japan aims at honoring publicly achievements of Carl von Clausewitz who is author of On War (Vom Kriege), supporting researths on On War (Vom Kriege), military history, future warfare, national security.
We also aspire to promote friendship between members.

Greetings from Chairman

This society tackles not only issues on Vom Kriege but many subjects as widely as possible in connection with war, transcending ideologies, organizations, and generations. The objective is to willingly promote academic exchanges with any nation and studies.
I hope and pray that this site will be utilized by those who have got interested studies, so many people in our nation, and academians of every nation in the world.

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